Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Grasses Necklace

This is the necklace I am working on now; it is the partner to the Grasses bracelet that was previously posted. I am lengthening it because the beads are large at about 8-9mm wide. Some of the chain from the bracelet will be attached near the clasp so that the necklace will be adjustable.

This isn't the greatest photo because the detail is not apparent on the pendant. It is the same image as is on the bracelet, just stuck onto a bigger disk and embellished with my little star button. I am fairly pleased with the outcome but am reserving full judgment until it's completed. I love the calcite beads since they are close to the color of the grass which inspired this set, and I love the rustic finish on them.

This one has taken a long time to finish; inspiration did not come easily this time. It will be posted very soon.

Alone Star Jewelry

We haven't posted anything to the blog lately because life has been throwing us lots of the stuff. School, children, relatives, church, and the list goes on and on. Lisa is a working mom although she is lucky to work from home a few days a week; Shauna is a stay-home mom but that doesn't mean she gets to work on jewelry every day. The bazaar is coming up at the first of December, the show we did last year as a first, and after that perhaps this blog will move a little bit more. The writing is fun and useful, so we don't plan to abandon this part of our overall project.