Friday, January 12, 2007

P.S. to the Previous Post

Please see the comment attached to the previous post (Thursday, January 11, below). Thank you!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here is a luscious li'l pendant. These look like a piece of candy, and everyone, girls especially, always have to touch them. It's the glaze--the clear on top of that low-fire white clay is ever so creamy-looking. I am going to find some matching beads this weekend and see how those look, but this one is strung with braided white linen waxed cord. We call this one the Salsa heart after the name of the reddish-pink glaze. It isn't a tomato red by any stretch, though; it's nice and different.

Valentine's is ON! and other...stuff

Greetings once again. Why, it's time to publish to the blog!

Be sure to check our website for jewelry pieces that would be perfect for this next & sweet holiday..we have necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that fall into that category.

I was taking a walk with the dog the other day (no, I was actually walking the dog--I am a Cesar fan), and musing about what my next blog post would be about. I am still somewhat foggy about the matter. Here are a few strays that are but surface observations and explanations that lack deeper meaning at this time.....We have new pieces that have been posted to the site: the reworked Tejas bracelet, The Ride bracelet, the tabbed hearts which have new and lovely strands of beads, and the Seashell pendant necklace with its new variety of bead strands...Gosh, Wally, this is starting to sound like a compilation category on the website (kind of like a muscian's 'greatest hits' album??)....Maybe, but the pendants look great in their new fresh looks.

I am thinking of doing a series of bird pendants and am working out the format now. Cardinalis cardinalis fussing at mimus polyglottis inspired me the other day while walking. They will have stones incorporated. A new bracelet design in the sketchbook will test my patience and another pendant design has been doing that for some time. I am finding that my ideas are now focusing more on elements of Mama Nature (except for a pair of earrings of the state's great shape). Lisa has a pretty set of silver hearts in necklace and earrings that she's been working on since before Christmas, the Country Girl set, but there have been many orders to fill since then and she has been very busy with that and her other job. As for me, I should at this very moment be working on my brother's Powerpoint presentation so once I conclude this rather vacuous post I will be on that. As I told a friend last night, I feel like our jewelry has for now taken the very back seat in one of those long, stretch limousines. I realize that could be a frightening thought for our many fans out there, but no worries, mate. We are always at least thinking and drawing jewelry, and we love to play website and blog. For now it seems to be paying off!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A change for 2007

Greetings once again; now that the holidays have passed and our resolutions are in our faces it is time to set our sights not just to the future but to open our eyes to now. Our sister-in-law is undergoing her initial chemo treatments for breast cancer, and last night her hair finally let go--now she is bald. This makes one realize, and in her words, that for many of us the next 16 hours, the next stretch of awake time, should be the most important hours of our lives. Those exempt thus far from such huge and monstrous situations have to strive to appreciate our gifts, and I personally plan to do that.

For those with the creative spirit in full bloom, the words fit soundly, too. The now is when we spend time looking around for inspiration and that means being open not just in heart but in senses and in mind. It's also the time when we put our new ideas down in design, and even begin manifesting those into gifts of art while learning, appreciating and loving every part of the process. After these 16 hours are gone is when the next stretch of waking hours begins as the process of working on happiness cycles again.

And within those 16 hours change should come! Alone Star Jewelry is planning some changes in the near future that are intended to free us to be more in the moment with our art. We will begin to offer one-of-a-kind pieces instead of being faced with making those more complex pieces as many times over as we do now. Relief! As an artist it is difficult to be a mass production technician. For simply-made pieces reproduction is more easily accomplished, but for complex ones it isn't. Even making simple pieces over and over again can prevent creative thinking, which is cumulative. An idea comes and in the best scenario should be expressed in finished form so that others can develop from it. That’s how an artist grows, and I think that a true artist can’t be without this kind of progression.

Also, think of it this way: would Picasso have reproduced Guernica because someone wanted a copy? Some media are for reproduction, as Picasso knew when he made prints of drawings. There is no easy way to do this with a piece of complex jewelry.

So look for our jewelry to be split into two categories at the website, and in addition we will set up a gallery for singular pieces that have sold but we still want to show off! Of course, since we take custom orders, by keeping these at the site they can conceivably be made again. Note: the slide clasp pictured above is not fully closed, which is why it sticks up in an unusual way.