Saturday, October 11, 2008

Changing Tides

You may have noticed a change on our website. No? Well, what we have decided to do going forward is show stock levels of our jewelry in inventory. Once those are sold out, they will no longer appear on our website. There are a couple of reasons for this change. As you know, Shauna and I make every piece of jewelry by hand. We are not in the business of mass produced jewelry; there's enough of that out there, don't you think?

We have so many ideas for new pieces and it's easy to get caught up making the same ones over and over again. Since it's only Shauna and myself, it's easy to understand that we want to focus on moving forward with new ideas instead of becoming stagnant. We have certain pieces that we will continue to make but we want to allow ourselves more time to be creative.

With this in mind, we will be presenting our jewelry as collections or limited edition pieces. This will allow our creativity to flow more freely and present to our loyal customers a larger selection of jewelry to choose from.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

I finished another pair of earrings tonight. The inspiration came from a drawing in the sketchbook made a while back when I was looking through some African artifacts on the internet. Drawings have to incubate sometimes. I think the thing was actually a rattle, but the copper disks on these earrings just simulate the round rattle. The sticks are made of PMC3, and the rest is sterling wire. I scratched some lines in the copper but they disappeared when I patina-ed the metal; the next pair I might try to etch the lines using beeswax. I don't know if the area will be too small to effectively perform this technique, but experimentation will tell.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Hello, is it us you're looking for??.....reminds me of David Cook's rendition of Lionel Richie's song on one of the first "top 12" episodes of American Idol. I loved Dave's version. But that aside, we have not been around lately, and the details explaining that would be too boring for anyone. Lisa and I have been working when we can sneak in a second but it's hard to get in the zone with that kind of action. I made some Alone Star earrings and it feels like fun to think of a name for them right now--Copper Stars maybe. Alone Stars in Copper. ASJ Copper Stars. The star is the one in our logo, but then they might feel like an advertisment. Apologies for this sub-quality photo:

I promise to try for a better photo--I just can't shoot so much silver. The disks are a 1.25" 22-gauge silver, slightly domed with the copper stars inlaid. I hadn't practiced this technique since college but am happy to say that I was able to fit it just right, thanks to a ball-peen hammer. The earrings are big and flashy but weightless.

I have also made once again the Texas Tech pendant. That thing is a beechnut to make but it is worth the effort. I think we have a picture of it on the site. And now it's Lisa's turn to post a (much better-quality) picture of her cool new disk earrings.

Have you been looking for us? If so, we are still here. As for David Cook, I do not favor him to win American Idol despite that one great performance, but I won't bore you with my opinions on that....Ciao!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jewelry coming full circle

I'm starting to get into texture these days but didn't want to just cut out a circle and apply a texture to it. I needed it to have some "pop" so I took my cookie cutter (you'd be amazed what we use for tools around here...) and cut out a circle, sliced it in half and then cut the top off of each, a little off-center. Yes, I used the cookie cutter to do that, too!

All of this was done, of course, after I had applied a texture to the front and back of the earrings. I had to roll the clay out thicker than I wanted since I had to roll it out again between the texture sheets.

Once I had all of that done and they were dried and perfected, I fired them in the kiln. The next step was adding the patina and then connecting the tops to the bottoms and then to finish the top of the earrings. I just wasn't sure how I wanted them to look but the top needed to flow with the rest of the earring. They sat for a few days at this point while I tried to decide what to do. That's when Shauna entered the picture. She came to visit for a couple of days and it didn't take her long to decide how to finish them up! Shauna worked her magic with the wire, mirroring what she had done on the other earring and the finished product is what you see here. We think they turned out beautifully!

Because of the collaboration, which happens often with us, the name became obvious. Full Circle. Shauna and I work together on many of our pieces and we feel those pieces result in our best work. Dad would be very pleased!