Thursday, January 01, 2009

The New Year

As I write this Lisa is revamping our website. We hope it will give a fresh look to our jewelry, and symbolize a renewed commitment to what we do at Alone Star. New designs are on the drawing board and the work tables! The year 2008 was very busy for us with other engrossing projects for which Lisa and I gave our time for others in our family. We are excited about our new beginning for this year, and to close out 2008, I am posting some pictures from our last show of the year at Mary Queen Catholic Church in Friendswood. This, of course, is an annual show that we love attending because of the atmosphere and the returning customers we always look forward to seeing. We made new friends at the show this year, so hats off to them, and we will look for you, and our growing circle of customers, next year! Thanks also to Hurrican Ike, which provided fencing used in making our tables and earring displays this year. We are moving to an open booth from now on--a necessity because of a smaller space that turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us.