Saturday, November 07, 2009


Good evening. I have "finished" these earrings, bronze with chrysoprase and moonstones. They are the bronze domes I showed in a recent post, just fired with the three holes in each. I think these earrings are prettier with all three stones green, but these will stay as they are unless something else occurs to me, which is possible since I am not settled with them.

We are going to start making our own earwires, one pair shown with the earrings. We each got a set of cup burs, which work great for quickly filing the ends of the wire for a comfortable fit. Sometimes finishing afterward with a file is necessary, but it's just a few swipes and usually you're done. Needless to say the cup burs will become one of my favorite tools; now I can see myself sitting down and giving an hour to making a bunch of earwires. Before, filing the wire ends to a smooth rounded end was very tedious, at least for me.

I just got some more BronzClay, the only brand I have used. We have some of Hadar Jacobson's bronze powder which I plan to test, but later. I'm going to make more of the leaf disk seen here, seen in earrings on the website, and make some new, shorter earrings with it (by request!), then perhaps play around with making a necklace using the same mold, just manipulated for a different result.

I have another pair of sterling wire earrings on the bench; they also have chrysoprase cabs in them. I love the color of this stone.

Hook 'em Horns!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Make Your Plans! (The holidays are here!)

I would like to talk about the Mary Queen Christmas Bazaar this evening, because it's coming up--before we know it--the first weekend in December! This art, craft, and food festival is held annually in Friendswood, and was first suggested to us in 2005 by my sister-in-law. We learned that the bazaar is a juried arts and crafts event with top-quality goods. We got in that year, and plan to continue our annual streak of participation in this "feel-good" event. The bazaar is held in the parish hall--indoors!--so bad weather can't put a hole in your calendar, so plan to join us December 4th and 5th.

Attending the MQCB will light your holiday mood like a fireworks sparkler! Booths are always appealing to the eye; a wide range of goods is offered from holiday foods and snacks to wood-working, jewelry, hand-made books, drawings, paintings, quilts, pottery, clothing, Christmas decorations and lots more--and all made by the artists/crafters themselves! Holiday music sustains the mood, people are happy, and the sights and smells are nothing but Christmas! It's sparkling, interesting, attractive, and lively.

Lunch can be purchased in the middle hallway, where tables are set up with tableclothes and holiday centerpieces. Elves run around taking orders and delivering plates to diners. To one side of this area is a lengthy buffet filled with endless confections and pastries, along with hot coffee and tea. A lovely decorated Christmas tree stands at the end of this hall, surrounded by door prizes that can be won through the purchase of raffle tickets. Always something going on! And don't forget to visit the extra room across from the big hall! There are two rooms of booths, on opposite sides of the dining hallway, so don't miss out on all of the offerings. Another nice thing about MQCB is that it's small enough that you can see everything without getting entirely worn out, but large enough to offer a wide variety of goods to enjoy and purchase for yourself or for gifts (like Alone Star's jewelry!).

Mary Queen Christmas Bazaar is managed and operated throught the hard work of Alice Malek of MQ Church, and begins Friday, December 4 and runs through Saturday, December 5 (9:30am - 5:00pm both days). Lots of shoppers enjoy visiting Friday while the kids are at school.

The location is Mary Queen Catholic Church at 606 Cedarwood Drive, just off of FM518 (Friendswood Drive); turn south onto Stonesthrow Avenue between the cemetery and the snowcone hut and proceed forward to the church parking lot.