Monday, September 03, 2012

Chrysocolla is a copper-bearing gem that is often found mixed with malachite, azurite and turquoise. These mixtures can make for some beautiful patterns in the gem and make the stone harder (chrysocolla on its own is around 2-4 on the Mohs scale). Facts aside, I find the stone to be exquisitely beautiful! The pendant is approximately 2" long and is made from Fine and Sterling silver. Strung on leather with Sterling clasp. By Lisa.

Available on our e-commerce website.
Aptly named Citrine on the Rocks by my dear sister, Shauna! In her own words:

"Citrine on the Rocks incorporates a design element from an earlier piece, a necklace named Shadowbox, which can be seen in our online gallery.

Of what does the setting remind you? For me, it could be basking like a lizard on a rocky shore of Lake Travis, hopping rocks at Barton Creek, or painting scenes of boulders on Yosemite's Merced River. Citrine holds the color of light and joy. Memories."

And, as I told Shauna, I see all of that in this ring. It's amazing to me, still, how one piece, such as this one, can speak volumes to you. Available on our e-commerce website.